Table 2.

PCR primers and hybridization probes

Primer or probeSequence (5′-3′)Target groupPosition (nt)aReference
PCR primers
 Y.e.eur.16S-455rCAATCACAAAGGTTATTAACCTTTATG Y. enterocolitica European serotypes455–481PS
 Y.e.ame.16S-455rCAATCCAACAACGTATTAAGTTATTGG Y. enterocolitica American serotypes455–481PS
 Y.p.16S-455rCAATGATTGAGCGTATTAAACTCAACC Y. pestis and Y. pseudotuberculosis 455–481PS
 B.16S-794rTACAGCGTGGACTACCAGGGTKingdomBacteria 794–814 36
 Y.ent.16S-184CCCACTTTGGTCCGAAGA Y. enterocoliticad 184–202PS
 Y.p.16S-997CTCTGCCAAATTCTGTGG Y. pestis andY. pseudotuberculosisd 997–1013PS
 Y.pseu.23S-1526CTGCACCGTAGTGCATCG Y. pseudotuberculosisd 1526–1549PS
 B.16S-338GCTGCCTCCCGTAGGAGTKingdomBacteria 338–355 3
 cB.16S-338CGACGGAGGGCATCCTCANegative controlc338–335 3
  • a Numbering of the target positions corresponds to the E. coli numbering described in reference9.

  • b The annealing temperature for PCR with primer Y.16S-86f was 53°C.

  • c PS, present study.

  • d Exceptions are mentioned in the text.