Table 2.

Properties of meningococci isolated from healthy contactsa

Strain source and no.SourceSerogroupSerotype: serosubtypesiaA tosiaCsiaDsiaD (B/C)ST
Family members
 2122Scout 2NG4:P1.15+C+55
 2123Scout 2C4:P1.15NDNDND55
 2127Scout 1CNT:P1.15NDNDND55
 2131Mother of scouts 1 and 2CNT:P1.15NDNDND55
 2130Father of scout 1 and 2NG4:P1.3,6+Y56
 2118Scout 3B15:P1.16NDNDND32
 2124Scout 4NG14:P1.13+C+54
 2125Scout leaderNG4:P1.5,2ND
 2126Scout 6NGNT:NSTND
  • a Abbreviations: NG, nongroupable; NT, nontypeable; NST, nonsubtypeable; ND, not done; siaA tosiaC, PCR for serogroup B, C, W135, or Y (this study);siaD, specific PCR for each serogroup (this study);siaD (B/C), PCR for serogroup B or C (6).