Table 2.

Details of isolates of H. pylori from family sets

FamilyRelation, age (yr)RibotypeaUrease genotypeaAFLP analysis genotypeb
KSon, 11K2A1
Father, 40K2A2
Mother, 35K2A3
MSon, 13UniqueNDc Unique
Father, 43M8B1
Mother, 43M8B2
HSon, 10Ha2C1
Father, 34Hb2C2
BDaughter, 10Unique5Unique
Mother, 37Unique2Unique
  • a Ribotype and urease type are as designated previously (2).

  • b The AFLP type was arbitrarily designated when visual comparison indicated a high degree of overall similarity in the band patterns. Numbers indicate pattern variations.

  • c ND, not determined.