Table 2.

Search results for strain C6966 (1,527 bp) from public rRNA RDP databasea

NameSequence length (no. of oligomers)bSimilarity valuec
Ralstonia eutropha3CB-15410.898
Ralstonia eutropha 335 (R. Y. Stanier)1,4070.896
Alcaligenes sp. strain M91-31,3630.894
Ralstonia eutropha1490.852
Ralstonia solanacearum1,3540.837
Ralstonia solanacearumR7801,3400.835
Pseudomonas syzygii R0011,3540.830
Pseudomonas syzygiiR0581,3540.830
  • a Only the top 10 choices are listed.

  • b Number of uniquely occurring oligomers within the given sequence. One oligomer = 7-mer.

  • c Similarity value is the number of unique oligomers shared between an unknown sequence and a given RDP sequence divided by the lowest number of unique oligomers in either of the two.