Table 1.

Frequency of occurrence of C. dubliniensis isolates stratified by isolation details (when information is known)

Isolation detailNo. tested for DNA patternsaC. dubliniensis
Date of isolation
 Before 19804149.8
Region or country of isolation
 North America9344.3
 United Kingdom2433514.4
Site of isolation
 Oral cavity or sputum2583814.7
 Skin or nail2500.0
 Deep organ2700.0
Clinical setting
 Drug abuse57610.5
 Gynecology or genitourinary8122.5
 HIV infection731824.7
  • a All isolates negative for β-glucosidase activity plus a random selection of β-glucosidase-positive isolates were tested for reactivity with oligosaccharide probe Ca3 in Southern blots.