Table 5.

Susceptibility on antibiotic medium 3 agara

IsolateNPutative statusbMIC (μg/ml)c
48 h72 h
RangeGeo MModeRangeGeo MMode
CN 13S0.
CN 23S0.
CN 33S0.–
CN 43S0.0940.0940.0940.190.190.19
CN 53S0.0940.0940.0940.190.190.19
CN 63S0.0640.0640.0940.125–
CN 74S0.094–0.1250.10.0940.190.190.19
CN 93S0.0640.0640.0640.19–
CN 123S0.
CN 83R2.0–3.02.633.0–4.03.33
CN 103R3.0–4.03.333.0–4.03.64
CN 113R244444
  • a Each named Cryptococcusisolate was tested the indicated number of times by the E-test methodology in 2% glucose-supplemented antibiotic medium 3 agar after 48 and 72 h of incubation.

  • b S, susceptible; R, resistant.

  • c MIC range, range of MICs; Geo M, geometric mean MIC; Mode, modal MIC.