Table 3.

Susceptibility in yeast nitrogen base brotha

IsolateNPutative statusbMIC (μg/ml)c
48 h72 h
RangeGeo MModeRangeGeo MMode
CN 110S0.25–0.50.430.50.5–10.630.5
CN 210S0.25––10.660.5
CN 38S0.5––10.660.5
CN 48S0.–10.821
CN 57S0.25–10.410.250.5–10.640.5
CN 68S0.25–0.50.350.250.5–10.640.5
CN 78S0.25–0.50.420.
CN 911S0.5–20.680.50.5–10.751
CN 1212S0.25–0.50.350.250.25–0.50.350.25
CN 89R1.0–2.01.3611.0–2.01.862
CN 1012R2  222  22
CN 1112R1.0–2.01.8521.0–2.01.742
  • a Twelve C. neoformansisolates were tested by the microdilution methodology in broth in YNB. The isolates were tested the indicated number of times (N). MICs were determined after 48 and 72 h of incubation.

  • b S, susceptible; R, resistant.

  • c Range, range of MICs; Geo M, geometric mean MIC; Mode, modal MIC.