Table 1.

Participation in the antibody screening project performed to detect T. gondii infection in pregnant women in Norway between 1992 and 1994

Pregnant women35,940
 Infected prior to pregnancya 3,90710.9
 Not infected prior to pregnancyb 32,03389.1
  Actively withdrew870.3
  Reported abortion or fetal death2,1136.6
  Followed up29,83393.1
Serum samples obtainedc
 All three samples22,77676.3
 Sample 1 and 24,34214.6
 Sample 12,0006.7
 Sample 1 and 34641.6
 Sample 2 and/or 32510.8
  • a T. gondii-specific IgG was detected in sample 1.

  • b Including 30 women with specific IgG detected in sample 1 who were diagnosed as having primary T. gondiiinfection during pregnancy.

  • c Sample 1 was collected prior to the 18th week of gestation, sample 2 was collected between the 18th and 34th weeks of gestation, and sample 3 was collected after the 34th week of gestation.