Table 1.

Sources of human strains

SexaAge (yr)Geographic locationIsolation dateSourceReference
M62BelgiumbJanuary 1982Expectoration2
M62BelgiumbJanuary 1982Tracheal secretions2
M?FrancecJuly 1988Extra-articular knee wound10
M?FrancecOctober 1992Bronchial secretions
M70FranceOctober 1990Bile3
F42FranceMay 1991Stools
MFranceJune 1993Drainage tube of ankle wound
M83FranceJuly 1993Four blood cultures4
M81FranceSeptember 1993Bile
F56FranceSeptember 1993One blood culture
F59FranceMay 1996Bile
  • a M, male; F, female.

  • b From J. A. Brouillard, Department of Bacteriology, Institut Provincial d’Hygiène et de Bactériologie, Mons, Belgium.

  • c From C. Suc, Laboratoire de Bactériologie, Hôpital Rangueil, Toulouse, France.