Table 4.

Accessory virulence factors in non-O157 isolates positive for any VT2 gene included in this study

Origin of isolatesVirulence factorNo. of isolates positive for virulence factor/no. of isolates tested (%)χ2P
With VT2d geneWithout VT2d gene
Human eaeA 0/44 (0)16/46 (35)16.310.000054
EHEC plasmid8/44 (18)21/46 (46)6.560.010
Enterohemolysin16/44 (36)21/46 (46)0.46 NSa
Animal eaeA 0/21 (0)1/32 (3) NAb NS
EHEC plasmid2/21 (10)6/32 (19)NANS
Enterohemolysin6/21 (29)10/32 (31)NANS
  • a NS, not significant.

  • b NA, not applicable; the expected value was less than 5. The Fisher exact test was used to determine theP value.