Table 2.

Astrovirus and other pathogens isolated from 90 diarrheal episodes that occurred among children attending eight Santiago DCCs

Type of detectionNo. of stool samples with pathogens detected
Total (%)As sole pathogenAssociated with one or more viral or bacterial pathogens
Overall pathogen detection
 One or more pathogens52 (58)3913
 No pathogens38NAaNA
Individual pathogen detection
  Astrovirus10 (11)55
  Rotavirus2 (2)11
  Enteric adenoviruses2 (2)11
  EPEC21 (23)174b
  ETEC13 (14)85
  EHECc6 (7)33
  Campylobacter jejuni1 (1)10
  Shigella flexneri1 (1)01
  Giardia lamblia10 (11)37b
  • a NA, not applicable.

  • b For EPEC detection compared to G. lamblia detection, the P value for the difference in isolation as sole versus associated pathogen was <0.01 by two-tailed Fisher’s exact test. No significant difference was observed among other pathogens.

  • c EHEC, enterohemorrhagic E. coli.