Table 2.

Selected characteristics of patients with meningitis for whom culture and LA were negative but PCR-EIA was positivea

Patient no.AgeDuration of illness (days)Prior treatmentMean OD valueOD cutoffCSF findingsTreatment and clinical course
15 yr7Unknown parenteral medication0.2580.038WBC, 18/mm3; poly, 20%, glucose: 57 mg/dl; protein: 22 mg/dli.v. chloramphenicol and penicillin; recovered
25 mo14Oral amoxycillin0.8040.038WBC, 110/mm3; poly, 5%; glucose, 25 mg/dl; protein, 118 mg/dlAlso had pneumonia, subdural effusion, and hydrocephalus; i.v. cefotaxime; LAMA
33 mo4Not known0.4400.034WBC, 15/mm3; poly, 47%; glucose, 60 mg/dl; protein, 16 mg/dli.v. cefotaxime; recovered
422 days3i.v. cefotaxime0.2120.025WBC, 48/mm3; poly, 2%; glucose, 37 mg/dl; protein, 48 mg/dlAlso had pneumonia; i.v. cefotaxime; died
57 yr5i.v. chloramphenicol0.1600.032WBC, 120/mm3; poly, 30%; glucose, 63 mg/dl; protein, 22 mg/dli.v. cefotaxime; recovered
  • ↵a Abbreviations: WBC, leukocyte count; Poly, polymorphonuclear leukocytes; i.v., intravenous; LAMA, left against medical advice.