Table 1.

Astrovirus in stool samples from Chilean children with non-rotavirus-associated or rotavirus-associated gastroenteritis who sought care in ERs or required hospitalization

Rotavirus status and hospital of origin of samplesaNo. of samplesMedian age (mo)% with ELISA astrovirus result
Rotavirus negativec
 ER Roberto del Rı́o6062013
 ER Calvo Mackenna5013228
 ER Sótero del Rı́o50101826
 ER E. González Cortés509102
 ER Félix Bulnes50580
 Hospital Roberto del Rı́o503204
Rotavirus positive
 ER Roberto del Rı́o32560
 Hospital Roberto del Rı́o24380
  • a Samples from ERs were taken from 1993 to 1995; samples from hospitals were taken from 1985 to 1987.

  • b Indeterminates and low positives with an optical density differential between 0.07 and 0.31 (see text).

  • c Differences in percent positivity among different ERs and between rotavirus-negative and -positive samples were not significant (P > 0.5 by the chi-square or two-tailed Fisher’s exact test).