Table 1.

Isolation and characterization of fecal O157 VTEC strains from cattle from the 10 Dutch dairy farms investigated in the prevalence study

FarmDate of samplingNo. of cattle O157 VTEC positive/total no. of cattle (%)Phage typeResult of Vero cell assay for VTPCR results for the following:PFGE patternNo. of isolates
ISept 199627/140 (19.3)34++++A23
Rdnca ++++C1
IISept 199615/67 (22.4)8++++D15
IIISept 19967/112 (6.3)31+++E7
IVOct 19963/162 (1.9)Rdnc+++F3
VOct 199617/83 (20.5)14+++G17
VIOct 19961/120 (0.8)14+++H1
VIINov 19965/100 (5.0)8++++I5
VIIINov 19960/100 (0.0)
IXNov 19960/195 (0.0)
XNov 19960/73 (0.0)
  • a Rdnc, reacted with the phage set but did not correspond to a recognized phage type.