Table 1.

R. salmoninarum isolates which were used for the PCR amplification of tRNA genes and intergenic spacer regions using consensus tRNA primers

IsolateGeographic origin and yrBiological sourcea
980036-150Wales, 1998Rainbow trout (f)
980036-87Wales, 1998Rainbow trout (f)
970083-88England, 1997Rainbow trout (f)
970083-102England, 1997Rainbow trout (f)
980106#1.1.5England, 1998Rainbow trout (f)
970419-1.2.3England, 1997Atlantic salmon (w)
970153-19England, 1997Grayling (w)
A6England, 1998Rainbow trout (f)
A80England, 1998Rainbow trout (f)
MT409Scotland, 1987Unknown
MT417Scotland, 1988Atlantic salmon (f)
MT239Scotland, 1986Atlantic salmon (f)
MT426Scotland, 1988Unknown
NCIMB1111Scotland, 1962Atlantic salmon (w)b
NCIMB1112Scotland, 1962Atlantic salmon (w)b
NCIMB1113Scotland, 1962Atlantic salmon (w)b
NCIMB1114Scotland, 1962Atlantic salmon (w)
NCIMB1115Scotland, 1962Atlantic salmon (w)
NCIMB1116Scotland, 1962Atlantic salmon (w)
MT420Scotland, 1988Atlantic salmon (f)
MT452Scotland, 1988Rainbow trout (f)
MT1363Scotland, 1993Rainbow trout (f)
MT410Scotland, 1987Unknown
FT-10ScotlandAtlantic salmon
DR143Alberta, Canada, 1972Brook trout (f)
DR384British Columbia, Canada, 1979Coho salmon (f)
960023British Columbia, Canada, 1996Coho salmon (f)
960046British Columbia, Canada, 1996Coho salmon (f)
980002British Columbia, Canada, 1998Chinook salmon (f)
RS-TSANova Scotia, CanadaAtlantic salmon (f)
AcF6-1Northwest Territories, Canada, 1985Arctic char (w)
F-120-87(P-2)Iceland, 1987Atlantic salmon (f)
F-130-87(P-4)Iceland, 1987Rainbow trout (f)
F-138-87(O-78)Iceland, 1987Atlantic salmon (f)
F-273-87(P-19)Iceland, 1987Atlantic salmon (f)
F-283-87(P-10)Iceland, 1987Atlantic salmon (f)
F-358-87(P-13)Iceland, 1987Atlantic salmon (w)
S-182-90(P-7)Iceland, 1990Atlantic salmon (f)
SiletzOregon, 1976Coho salmon (f)
Marion ForksOregon, 1987Chinook salmon (f)
Little GooseWashington, 1994Chinook salmon (f)
CCM6205Washington, 1975Coho salmon (f)
84-019-OCWashington, 1984Chinook salmon (w)
SS-ChS-94-1Oregon, 1994Chinook salmon
Cow ChS94 P22Washington, 1994Chinook salmon (f)
Idaho 91-126Idaho, 1993Sockeye salmon (f)
RFL-643.94#1Washington, 1994Sockeye salmon (f)
CCM6206Oregon, 1978Chinook salmon (f)
Round ButteOregon, 1973Chinook salmon (f)
NCIMB2235Oregon, 1981Chinook salmon (f)
BY1996Alaska, 1998Chinook salmon (f)
Rs 9Sweden, 1985Rainbow trout
Rs 19Sweden, 1987Atlantic salmon
Rs 61Sweden, 1989Arctic char
Rs 116Sweden, 1993Grayling
Rs 122Sweden, 1994Rainbow trout (f)
Rs 125SwedenRainbow trout
Rs 126SwedenRainbow trout
3015-86NorwayAtlantic salmon
4451-86NorwayAtlantic salmon
  • a Isolates were obtained from wild fish (w) or farm-raised fish (f). The full histories of some isolates are not known.

  • b The host species is uncertain but probably Atlantic salmon.