Table 1.

Epidemiological data and results of integron and plasmid analysis of 50 clinical Acinetobacter species strains used in this study

Strain no.aLocation of hospitalbYr of isolationBody site or tractWard typeNo. of patients involvedPresence of plasmidsIntegron PCR resultIntegrase gene PCR resultc
1OAmsterdam (NL)1994RespiratorySurgical36+1
2OGroningen (NL)1987UrineSurgical10+1
3OAmsterdam (NL)1995RespiratoryICU5+2
4OAmsterdam (NL)1997RespiratoryICU10+
5ORotterdam (NL)1997Skin/mucosaBurns unit6+
6ORotterdam (NL)1997DigestiveICU6+1
7ODordrecht (NL)1995Skin/mucosaICU5++1
8OUtrecht (NL)1997DigestiveICU6+1
9ONottingham (U.K.)1992RespiratoryICU37+1
10OBrussels (B)1990BloodSurgical91
11ONew York (U.S.)1991DigestiveICU59
12OTrieste (I)1996RespiratoryICU>3++1
13OMadrid (S)1992RespiratoryICU>100+1
14OGhent (B)1991UnknownICU>8+1
15OLeeds (U.K.)1993RespiratoryICU5
16OParis (F)1991UnknownICU31+1
17OdBerlin (G)1990RespiratoryICUUnknown+
18OFreiburg (G)1994UnknownICU5++1
19OdBerlin (G)1992RespiratoryICU13+
20OHamburg (G)1996RespiratoryICU3
21OSt. Etienne (F)1993RespiratorySurgical15+1
22OVienna (A)1996RespiratoryICU13+1
23OBarcelona (S)1986RespiratoryICU25+1
24OPrague (CR)1994Skin/mucosaBurns unitUnknown+1
25OToronto (Can)1993RespiratoryICU121+
1NeAmsterdam (NL)1994RespiratoryICU1
2NGroningen (NL)UnknownUnknownUnknown1Not tested+1
3NfAmsterdam (NL)1997Skin/mucosaOutpatient1
4NAmsterdam (NL)1997Skin/mucosaSurgical1+1
5NRotterdam (NL)1997RespiratoryPediatric1
6NRotterdam (NL)1997BloodICU1
7NDordrecht (NL)1997BloodICU1+
8NgUtrecht (NL)1997DigestiveICU1
9NNottingham (U.K.)1994RespiratoryICU1
10NBrussels (B)1990RespiratoryUrology1++1
11NNew York (U.S.)UnknownRespiratoryInternal1+
12NTrieste (I)1993UrineUrology1+1
13NMadrid (S)1992RespiratoryICU1++1
14NeGhent (B)1993UnknownICU1
15NLeeds (U.K.)1993RespiratoryICU1+
16NfParis (F)UnknownUnknownUnknown1+
17NKiel (G)UnknownRespiratoryUnknown1
18NfFreiburg (G)1994UnknownPediatric1+
19NBerlin (G)UnknownUrineUnknown1+1
20NHamburg (G)1997RespiratoryICU1
21NfSt. Etienne (F)1992PusGeriatric1+
22NVienna (A)1996BloodOncology1+
23NBarcelona (S)1996UrineSurgical1+1
24NPrague (CR)1992Skin/mucosaBurns unit1+
25NfToronto (Can)1993SkinhUnknown1+
  • a Strains with the same number originated from the same location, except for isolates 17O and 17N. O, outbreak strains; N, nonoutbreak strains. Strains were identified as A. baumannii except where otherwise specified.

  • b Country names are abbreviated in parentheses as follows: A, Austria; B, Belgium; Can, Canada; CR, Czech Republic; F, France; G, Germany; I, Italy; NL, The Netherlands; S, Spain; U.K., United Kingdom; U.S., United States.

  • c 1, intI1 detected; 2,intI2 detected; −, no integrase gene detected.

  • d Acinetobacter DNA group 13.

  • e Nontypeable.

  • f Acinetobacter DNA group 3.

  • g A. calcoaceticus (DNA group 1).

  • h Strain isolated from a hand wash of one of the nursing staff.