Table 1.

Determination of vancomycin and teicoplanin MICs for 145 GRE and 50 GSE by genotype, using the VITEK 2 automated system versus standard agar dilution

Organism (no.)MethodNo. of isolates with the following vancomycin MIC (mg/liter):No. of isolates with the following teicoplanin MIC (mg/liter):
vanA GRE (50)VITEK 2505342
Agar dilution5050
vanB GRE (15)VITEK 215141
Agar dilution111315
vanC1GRE (50)VITEK 221191050
Agar dilution3019150
vanC2GRE (30)VITEK 2162330
Agar dilution254130
GSE (50)VITEK 242611491
Agar dilution399250