Table 2.

Isolates of R. salmoninarum which were used for the PCR amplification of tDNA-ILPs with specific tRNA gene and intergenic spacer primers

No.IsolateGeographic originBiological sourcebDetails of isolation (date)
1970083-88c EnglandRainbow trout (f)Farm A, tank A (February 1997)
2970083-102c,d EnglandRainbow trout (f)Farm A, tank A (February 1997)
3f 980106#1.1.5EnglandRainbow trout (f)Farm B, raceway (March 1998)
4f 980036-150c WalesRainbow trout (f)Farm C, pond (February 1998)
5f 980036-87c,d WalesRainbow trout (f)Farm C, raceway (February 1998)
6970419-1.2.3d EnglandAtlantic salmon (w)Unknown (1997)
7970153-19EnglandGrayling (w)Unknown (1997)
8A6c,d EnglandRainbow trout (f)Farm D (March 1998)
9A80c,d EnglandRainbow trout (f)Farm D (March 1998)
10980297#97c,d,e EnglandRainbow trout (f)Hatchery E, raceway (1998)
11g F95c,d EnglandRainbow trout (f)Farm A, tank B (1998)
12g F85c,d EnglandRainbow trout (f)Farm A, tank B (1998)
13g F82c,d,e EnglandRainbow trout (f)Farm A, tank C (1998)
14g F60c,d EnglandRainbow trout (f)Farm A, tank D (1998)
15g F47c,d EnglandRainbow trout (f)Farm A, tank E (1998)
16g F3c,d EnglandRainbow trout (f)Farm A, raceway (1998)
17NCIMB1111c,d ScotlandAtlantic salmon (w)a River Dee (1962)
18NCIMB1112c,d ScotlandAtlantic salmon (w)a River Dee (1962)
19NCIMB1113c,d ScotlandAtlantic salmon (w)a River Dee (1962)
20NCIMB1114ScotlandAtlantic salmon (w)River Dee (1962)
21NCIMB1115c,d ScotlandAtlantic salmon (w)River Dee (1962)
22NCIMB1116d ScotlandAtlantic salmon (w)River Dee (1962)
  • a The host species is uncertain but probably Atlantic salmon.

  • b Isolates were obtained from wild fish (w) or farm-raised fish (f). The full histories of some isolates are not known.

  • c The ITS1 region was sequenced (sequevar 1). GenBank accession no., AF239179 to AF239195.

  • d The ITS2 region was sequenced (sequevar 21). GenBank accession no., AF239890 to AF239906.

  • e The ETR-A locus was sequenced. GenBank accession no., AF242882 and AF242883.

  • f The ponds and raceways contained fish from the same hatchery but not from hatchery E.

  • g The fish came from various unlisted origins, probably not the same as that of no. 3 to 5.