Table 1.

Examination of 201 gastric biopsy specimens by FISH, conventional culturing, and the urease test for detection ofH. pyloria

Group no.Results by:No. of specimensNo. of CFU
FISHCultureUrease test
IPositivePositivePositive36311.2 ± 110.2
IIPositivePositiveNegative1341.2 ± 8.8
VNegativePositiveNegative44.0 ± 1.4
  • a In gastric biopsy specimens from whichH. pylori was cultured (groups I, II, and V), the number of CFU was determined. Values are means ± standard deviations of CFU obtained from all biopsies per group. Values of each group differ significantly from each other (P < 0.05) .