Table 3.

Development of drug resistance mutations in patients 1 to 4 over a 2 1/2-year period

PatientAmino acida (codon) at time point:PI implicatedb
1Asp30 (GAT)Asp30 (GAT) Asn30 (AAT)1°, NFV
2Leu10 (CTC)Leu/Ile10 (MTC) Ile10(ATC) Ile10 (ATC)2°, IDV-SQV
Leu24 (TTA)Leu24 (TTA) Ile24 (ATA) Ile24(ATA)2°, IDV
Met46 (ATG)Met/Ile46(ATR) Ile46 (ATA) Ile46 (ATA)1°, IDV; 2°, RTV
Gly48 (GGG)Gly48 (GGG) Val48(GTG) Val48 (GTG)1°, SQV
Ala71 (GCT)Ala71 (GCT) Val71 (GTT) Val71(GTT)2°, IDV-RTV-SQV
Val77 (GTA)Val/Ile77(RTA) Ile77 (ATA) Ile77 (ATA)2°, IDV-RTV-SQV
Val82 (GTC)Val82 (GTC) Ala82(GCC) Ala82 (GCC)1°, IDV-RTV; 2°, SQV
Ile84 (ATA)Ile84 (ATA) Val84(GTA) Val84 (GTA)1°, RTV; 2°, SQV
3Leu/Ile10 (MTC) Ile10(ATC) Ile10 (ATC) Ile10 (ATC)2°, IDV
Met46 (ATG)Met46 (ATG) Ile46(ATA) Ile46 (ATA)1°, IDV; 2°, RTV
Gly73 (GGT)Gly73 (GGT) Ser73 (AGT) Ser73(AGT)2°, IDV-SQV
Leu90 (TTG)Leu90 (TTG) Met90 (ATG) Met90 (ATG)1°, SQV
4Leu90 (TTG)Leu90 (TTG)Leu90 (TTG) Met90(ATG)1°, SQV
  • a Resistance-associated amino acids are in boldface. Where two amino acids are listed (with their abbreviations connected by a shill), both amino acids were found at the position.

  • b 1°, primary; 2°, secondary.