Table 2.

msp1α genotypes of A. marginalestrains and recent isolates from natural infectionsa

   Organism sourceGenotype (order of each encoded repeat form)
Florida strain8 repeats (A/B/B/B/B/B/B)
St. Maries strain3 repeats (J/B/B)
South Idaho strain6 repeats (D/D/D/D/D/E)
Natural persistent infection (Baker, Oreg.)8 repeats (A/F/A/F/I/F/F/H)
7 repeats (A/F/A/F/I/F/H)
5 repeats (A/F/A/F/H)
3 repeats (A/F/H)
2 repeats (A/H)
1 repeat (G)
Natural acute infection (animal 3035; Baker, Oreg.)5 repeats (A/F/A/F/H)
Natural acute infection (Platte, S. Dak.)4 repeats (B/B/B/C)
  • a The repeat form structures of the Florida and South Idaho strains have been previously reported (1). The structures of the St. Maries strain and the isolates from the Baker, Oreg., and Platte, S. Dak., herds were determined by msp1α and amplicon sequencing.