Table 1.

Identification of the Leptospira serogroups and species from isolates involved in human epidemic outbreaks among humans in Brazil

Isolate(s)Isolation time, locationSerogroupSpecies
SP-03, SP-04, SP-17, SP-22, SP-25, SP-42, SP-44, SP-59, SP-67, SP-69, SP-73, SP-74, SP-75, SP-80, SP-86, SP-1041994, Sao PauloIcterohaemorrhagiae L. interrogans
SP-581994, Sao PauloPomona L. kirshneri
SP-10, SP-14, SP-18, SP-20, SP-36, SP-49, SP-50, SP-52, SP-61, SP-69, SP-70, SP-102, SP-103, SP-149, SP-150, SP-151, SP-163, SP-204, SP-212, SP-2171995, Sao PauloIcterohaemorrhagiae L. interrogans
SP-13, SP-28, SP-68, SP-167 1995, Sao PauloIcterohaemorrhagiaea L. interrogans
SP-531994, Sao PauloIcterohaemorrhagiaea L. interrogans
1010, 10151996, Rio de JaneiroIcterohaemorrhagiae L. interrogans
  • ↵a This strain should have been identified as belonging to serogroup canicola.