Table 3.

Association of severity of disease with CFs on toxin types produced by ETEC strains isolated as the only diarrheal pathogen from children up to 5 years of age during the 2 years of surveillance

CF types or toxin producedaNo. (%) of patients with the following severity of diseaseb:
Vaccine CF positivec66 (55)47 (39)7 (6)120
Other CF positive25 (66)12 (31)1 (3)38
CF negative78 (56)55 (39)6 (5)139
ST90 (53)66 (39)12 (8)168
LT and ST32 (43)41 (54)2 (3)75
LT47 (87)7 (13)0 (0)54
  • a A significant difference was not seen (P > 0.05) between the presence or absence of CFs and severity of disease. ETEC strains positive for ST (P < 0.001) or LT and ST (P < 0.001) were isolated at significantly higher frequencies from children with moderate or severe disease than the frequency of isolation of ETEC strains positive for LT only. Chi-square for trends was used for statistical analysis (P > 0.05 was not significant).

  • b Degree of dehydration based on World Health Organization guidelines.

  • c Vaccine-specific CFs indicate CFA/I and coli surface antigens of CFA/II and CFA/IV.