Table 4.

T-cell response to F. tularensis of patients showing detectable F. tularensis DNA in wound specimens but no evidence of tularemia by culture or serology

Age (yr)SexSerum antibodies to F. tularensisaF. tularensisDNAbTime of institution of antibiotics (days after onset)T-cell response to F. tularensisc
59Female+Not instituted1.0
  • a Not detected in any of at least four serum samples collected over a period of ≥3 months.

  • b Detectable DNA in wound specimen.

  • c After 4 days of incubation with heat-killedF. tularensis, T cells were pulsed with [3H]thymidine. An index representing the ratio of the mean incorporation of five cultures with and without antigen is shown. Reference subjects without any previous history of exposure to F. tularensis (n = 7) all showed indices of <2.3.