EQA samples included in the study

EQA sampleContentaRP panel
RESPII16-01Rhinovirus type 72 d1Rhinovirus/enterovirus
RESPII16-02Rhinovirus type 72 d2Rhinovirus/enterovirus
RESPII16-04Adenovirus type 1Adenovirus
RESPII16-05Coronavirus OC43Coronavirus OC43
RESPII16-06bHuman metapneumovirus and coronavirus NL63Human metapneumovirus
RESPII16-07Rhinovirus type 8Rhinovirus/enterovirus
RESPII16-08Parainfluenza virus type 3 and rhinovirus type 72Parainfluenza virus type 3 and rhinovirus/enterovirus
RESPII16-09Human metapneumovirusHuman metapneumovirus
RESPII16-10Coronavirus NL63 d1Coronavirus NL63
RESPII16-11Coronavirus NL63 d2Negative
RESPII16-12Parainfluenza virus type 1Parainfluenza virus type 1
Qnostics RSP-S01Influenza A virusInfluenza A virus
Qnostics RSP-S02Influenza B virusInfluenza B virus
Qnostics RSP-S03Respiratory syncytial virus type ARespiratory syncytial virus type A
Qnostics RSP-S04Respiratory syncytial virus type BRespiratory syncytial virus type B
Qnostics RSP-S05Adenovirus type 1Negative
Qnostics RSP-S06Coronavirus NL63Coronavirus NL63
Qnostics RSP-S07Coronavirus OC43Coronavirus OC43
Qnostics RSP-S08Parainfluenza virus type 1Parainfluenza virus type 1
Qnostics RSP-S09Parainfluenza virus type 3 and rhinovirusParainfluenza virus type 3 and rhinovirus/enterovirus
Qnostics RSP-S10Human metapneumovirusHuman metapneumovirus
Qnostics RSP-S11RhinovirusRhinovirus/enterovirus
Qnostics RSP-S12Bordetella pertussisBordetella pertussis
Qnostics RSP-S13Chlamydophila pneumoniaeNegative
Qnostics RSP-S14Mycoplasma pneumoniaeMycoplasma pneumoniae
Qnostics RSP-S15Legionella pneumophilaLegionella pneumophila
Qnostics RSP-S16Legionella pneumophilaLegionella pneumophila
Qnostics RSP-S17NegativeNegative
  • a d1 and d2, different dilutions of the same virus, no information on the concentration provided.

  • b Data in bold indicate samples that incorrectly detected the (full) content of the EQA sample.