Table 2.

Sensitivities of various methods for diagnosis of tularemia during an outbreak in Sweden in 1998

Clinical conditionNo. of samples positive/total no. of samples investigated (%)
PCR amplification of gene for:CultureSerology
β-Actin17-kDa lipoprotein
Tularemia confirmed by culture or seroconversion36/40 (90)30/40 (75)25/40 (62)30/31 (97)
Tularemia suspected but serology and culture negativea8/8 (100)4/8 (50)0/8 (0)0/8 (0)
  • a All patients lacked serum antibodies toF. tularensis when the serum was tested while the patient was in the acute phase of infection and 3 to 5 weeks after the onset of disease.