Table 1.

Results of specimen testing from C. difficilesamples and routine focused surveillance

Test subjectNo. of positive resultsa
Specimens from routine surveillanceSpecimens from stool submitted for C. difficile testingBoth methods
Total no. of tests performed290164
Cultures with VRE28 (9.7)17 (10.4)
Cultures with MDRE9 (3.1)8 (4.9)
Total positive cultures for VRE or MDRE32 (11)b23 (14)c
Total no. of patients tested212123
Patients with VRE20 (9.4)13 (10.6)6
Patients with MDRE7 (3.3)7 (5.7)4
Total patients positive for VRE or MDRE24 (11.3)d17 (13.8)d8
  • a Percent of total in parentheses.

  • b Five cultures harbored both VRE and MDRE.

  • c Two cultures harbored both VRE and MDRE.

  • d Three patients harbored both VRE and MDRE.