Table 4.

Sensitivity, specificity, and cost of different tests for rapid identification of C. glabrata

Method (reference)InoculumIncubationSensitivity (%)Specificity (%)Cost ($)
Hardy trehalose fermentation (1)Four to five colonies24 h, 42°C961001.10
Mayo Clinic trehalose assimilation (1; Stockman and Robertsa)Heavy; not adjusted1 h, 35°C96.674.10.05
Remel rapid trehalose assimilation (1)Cloudy suspension3 h, 42°C91.596.31.59
Remel yeast fermentation, modified (1, 7)No. 3–4 McFarland standard24 h, 42°C95–97.889–95.84.15
Rosco diagnostic tablets (current study)No. 2 McFarland standard4 h, 37°C1001000.70
Trehalase-generated glucose (8)One colony/50 μl3 h, 37°C98.899.10.30
  • a L. Stockman and G. Roberts, Abstr. 85th Annu. Meet. Am. Soc. Microbiol. 1985, abstr. F-80, p. 377, 1985.