Table 2.

Species distribution of 442 Candida strains isolated from normally sterile sites in the course of a 2-year surveillance program from 1996 to 1998

SpeciesNo. (%) of isolates
C. albicans240 (54.3)
C. glabrata67 (15.2)
C. parapsilosis53 (12.2)
C. tropicalis41 (9.3)
C. lusitaniae15 (3.4)
C. krusei15 (3.4)
Othera11 (2.2)
  • a Including three isolates ofC. guilliermondii, two each of C. famata andC. utilis, and one each of C. rugosa,C. lipolytica, C. pelliculosa, andCandida sp.