Table 1.

Characteristics of the serology of 24 patients with culture-confirmed HGE

Patient no.Age (yr)/genderaDuration of symptoms at baseline (days)Baseline serology titerbFirst positive titerDays after onset of symptoms for seroconversionPossible time of seroconversion after onset of symptoms (range [days])cPeak titerTime after onset of symptoms for peak titer
147/M17640640170–172,56026 days
337/M5<80640165–1664016 days
456/F4<801,280124–121,28012 days
571/F8<802,5603616–362,56036 days
764/F2808020–22,560 7 days
81 wk/F1NAf320100–1032010 days
935/F6<802,560136–132,56013 days
1060/F4<802,5602512–252,56025 days
1165/M1NA1601812–182,560 4 mo
1254/M6<80640136–132,56030 days
1350/F3<802,56083–82,560 8 days
1430/F3<801,280113–111,28011 days
1535/M3<802,560113–112,56011 days
1648/M316016030–31,28010 days
1747/M11NA2,560160–162,56016 days
1840/F132032010–12,560 7 days
1972/M4<802,560114–112,56011 days
2060/M864064080–8640 8 days
2180/F616016060–62,56011 days
2245/M832032080–82,56015 days
2474/M82,5602,56080–82,560 8 days
  • a M, male; F, female.

  • b Titer for serum obtained during the first visit.

  • c Range in days after onset of symptoms when detectable antibodies may have appeared.

  • d NA, no convalescent-phase serum was available.

  • e None, no seroconversion was observed.

  • f NA, not available.