Table 3.

Examination of 75 sputum samples with various oligonucleotide probes by FISH and by conventional microbial culture

Procedure and resultNo. of samples containing the following species (probesa):
P. aeruginosa(PsaerA-PsaerB)S. aureus (Staaur)H. influenzae (Haeinf)B. cepacia(Burcep)Burkholderia spp. (Burkho)S. maltophilia (Stemal)
Culture positive
 FISH positive55103665
 FISH negative441
Culture negative
 FISH positive41
 FISH negative1225b 24b 25b 25b 25b
  • a Oligonucleotide probes used for FISH.

  • b Only 25 culture-negative sputum samples were examined by FISH with the respective FISH probes.