Table 2.

Diagnostic indices calculated for the latex agglutination test for groups of consecutively collected samples from patients suspected on clinical grounds of having leptospirosis from different countries and comparison with the values obtained for the IgM ELISA and the IgM dipstick assay

Assay and study group% Sensitivity (95% CI)% Specificity (95% CI)% Positive predictive value (95% CI)% Negative predictive value (95% CI)% Prevalence
Latex agglutination assay
 The Netherlands83.395.040.599.33.9
 The Seychelles80.694.294.380.354.3
  Mean82.3 (74–88)94.6 (93–96)73.4 (65–80)96.7 (95–98)15.3
  Mean85.5 (78–91)97.9 (96–99)87.6 (80–93)97.4 (96–98)15.3
IgM dipstick assay
  Mean83.7 (76–90)95.6 (94–97)76.9 (69–84)97.1 (96–98)15.3