Table 3.

PCR examination for granulocytic ehrlichial DNA in tissues from small mammals harboring infected I. ricinus larvae in two areas in western Switzerland

Collection areaSpecies collected (trapping no.)No. of I. ricinus larvae collected on small mammalsDetection of GE in mammal tissuesa
Area 1C. glareolus(12)7
C. glareolus(18)25
C. glareolus (58)2+++
C. glareolus (63)16+
C. glareolus (120)2+++
A. sylvaticus (15)5
A. sylvaticus (22)6
Area 2C. glareolus(135)7+++
C. glareolus(196)1+++
C. glareolus(197)6++++
C. glareolus(200)4++
  • a PCR negative (−) or positive (+).