Table 2.

Sensitivity of ELISAs for syphilis in comparison with the IgM specific immunofluorescence test (19S IgM FTA-ABS)a

Trade name (company)Trepanostika (Organon)ICE Syphilis (Murex)Enzygnost Syphilis (Behring)Pathozyme Syphilis Competition (Omega)Bioelisa Syphilis (Biokit)Trep-Chek (Phoenix)TmpA-ELISA (Eurodiagnostica)Captia Syphilis G (Trinity)Captia Syphilis M (Mercia)19S IgM FTA-ABS
No. nonreactive/total no.12/5213/5216/5216/5217/4115/4116/3124/317/525/52
Sensitivity (%)76.975.
Sensitivity (95% confidence interval)63.2–87.561.1–86.054.9–81.354.9–81.352.9–79.746.9–77.930.2–66.99.6–41.174.2–94.479.0–96.8
  • a Comparative evaluation was performed with 52 sera from patients with primary syphilis, all nonreactive in the MHA-TP test.