Table 1.

Characteristics of F. tularensis strains and the F. novicida strain used in this study and ERIC-PCR, REP-PCR, and RAPD types

Strain designationHost and geographic originREP-PCR typeERIC-PCR typeRAPD type (M13 primer)RAPD type (T3-T7 primers)Global type
This studySourcea
1ALG1Hare; Valladolid, Spain1111A (1111)
2ALG2Hare; Valladolid, Spain1211B (1211)
3ALG3Hare; Valladolid, Spain1211B (1211)
4ALG4Hare; León, Spain1112C (1112)
5ALG5Hare; León, Spain1111A (1111)
6ALG6Hare; Palencia, Spain1211B (1211)
7ALG7Hare; León, Spain1211B (1211)
8ALG8Hare; Palencia, Spain1211D (1212)
9ALG9Hare; Palencia, Spain1211B (1211)
10ALG10Hare; Valladolid, Spain1112C (1112)
11ALG11Hare; Valladolid, Spain1113E (1113)
12ALG12Hare; Zamora, Spain1211B (1211)
13ALG13Hare; Palencia, Spain1111A (1111)
14ALG14Hare; Valladolid, Spain1211B (1211)
15ALG15Hare; Valladolid, Spain2121F (2121)
16ALG16Hare; Segovia, Spain1112A (1111)
17ALG17Hare; Palencia, Spain1214G (1214)
18ALG18Hare; Palencia, Spain1114H (1114)
19ALG19Hare; Palencia, Spain2123I (2123)
20ALG20Hare; Palencia, Spain1113E (1113)
21ALG21Vole (Microtus arvalis); Zamora, Spain1115K (1115)
22HLE1Human; León, Spain1213J (1213)
23HZA1Human; Zamora, Spain1214G (1214)
24HZA2Human; Zamora, Spain1223L (1223)
25HZA3Human; Zamora, Spain1212D (1212)
26CΔPM1Hare; strain 130 (= CAPM5536), Czech Republic1131M (1131)
27CΔMP2Hare; strain 2713 (= CAPM5537), Czech Republic1131M (1131)
28CAMP3Human; strain SCHU (= CAPM 5600), United States3316N (3316)
29ALG24Human; Valladolid, Spain1141O (1141)
30ALG25Human; Valladolid, Spain1141O (1141)
31ALG26Human; Valladolid, Spain1111A (1111)
32ALG27Human; Palencia, Spain1111A (1111)
33CAPM4Hare; strain T-1/59 (= CAPM5151), Czech Republic1233P (1233)
34RLAH1Hare; Palencia, Spain1212D (1212)
35RLAH2Hare; Valladolid, Spain1212D (1212)
36RLAH3Hare; Soria, Spain1213J (1213)
37RLAH4Hare; Zamora, Spain1211B (1211)
38RLAH5Hare; Zamora, Spain1211B (1211)
39RLAH6Tick; Zamora, Spain1211B (1211)
40CΔPM5Tick; strain 503, former Soviet Union1231Q (1231)
41CΔMP6F. novicida reference strain ATCC 15482, France4457R (4457)
  • a ALG, Central Laboratory of Animal Health, Algete, Madrid, Spain; HLE, Department of Medical Microbiology, Hospital Princesa Sofı́a, Insalud, León, Spain; HZA, Laboratory of Microbiology, Hospital Virgen de la Concha, Insalud, Zamora, Spain; CAPM, Collection of Animal Pathogenic Microorganisms, Brno, Czech Republic; RLAH, Regional Laboratory of Animal Health, León, Spain.