Table 1.

B. stabilis strains studied

StrainOther strain no.aSource (country, yr of isolation)
LMG 6997CCUG 3461BEar (Sweden, 1974)
LMG 7000CCUG 13348Blood (Sweden, 1983)
LMG 13017Blood culture (Belgium, 1988)
LMG 14086Respirator (United Kingdom, 1970)
LMG 14291Cystic fibrosis patient (Belgium, 1993)
LMG 14294TNCTC 13011Cystic fibrosis patient (Belgium, 1993)
LMG 14295Cystic fibrosis patient (Belgium, 1993)
LMG 14940Cystic fibrosis patient (Belgium, 1994)
LMG 15949Cystic fibrosis patient (Belgium, 1993)
LMG 15950Water bath, cystic fibrosis ward (Belgium, 1994)
LMG 15951Spirometer (Belgium, 1994)
LMG 18138E20Cystic fibrosis patient (Belgium, 1995)
R-3338M71-40Cystic fibrosis patient (Germany, 1997)
R-6617J687Human, non-cystic fibrosis patient (France)
R-6618J762Urine (United States)
LMG 18888HK 268aHuman blood (Belgium, 1995)
R-136J1750Cystic fibrosis patient (United States before 1989)
R-4059H107Cystic fibrosis patient (Germany, 1993)
R-732C6061Cystic fibrosis patient (Canada, 1994)
R-737CEP059Respiratory tract, non-cystic fibrosis patient (Canada)
R-741CEP194, J668Human, non-cystic fibrosis patient (Switzerland)
  • a CCUG, Culture Collection of the Department of Clinical Bacteriology, University of Göteborg, Göteborg, Sweden; LMG, Laboratorium Microbiologie Gent Culture Collection, Universiteit Gent, Ghent, Belgium; NCTC, National Collection of Type Cultures, London, United Kingdom.