Table 1.

Isolates (n = 59) tested with multiplex TETR-PCR for the identification of C. trachomatis (primer set CTR 70/71), C. pneumoniae (primer set CPN 90/91), andC. psittaci (primer set 100/101)a

C. pneumoniaeisolateResult obtained with the following primer set (PCR product, bp)C. trachomatisisolatebResult obtained with the following primer set (PCR product, bp)C. psittaci isolateResult obtained with the following primer set (PCR product, bp)
CTR 70/71 (315)CPN 90/91 (195)CPS 100/101 (111)CTR 70/71 (315)CPN 90/91 (195)CPS 100/101 (111)CTR 70/71 (315)CPN 90/91 (195)CPS 100/101 (111)
AR39c+VR 571 ser. Ac+6BCc+
AR388c+VR 573 ser. Bc+SM006h+
TW183c+VR 347 ser. Bac+AW-17-9-6i+
VR1310c+VR 572 ser. Cc+B577-23i+
2023d+VR 885 ser. Dc+FC-GRW#97-5i+
2043d+VR 348 ser. Ec+FITZ-65-5i+
BAL15d+VR 346 ser. Fc+JP-I-757-4i+
BAL16d+VR 878 ser. Gc+LW613-11i+
BAL37d+VR 879 ser. Hc+LW646-4i+
T2364d+VR 880 ser. Ic+LW679-5i+
CMIe+VR 886 ser. Jc+11245 PAj+
CWL011e+VR 887 ser. Kc+18331 Cj+
FML16e+VR 901 ser. L1c+21339j+
AO3f+VR 902 ser. L2c+27256j+
AL-1g+VR 903 ser. L3c+95-28189 Nebraskaj+
IOL 1515g+95-42776#3j+
T 45 953g+95-42776#8j+
U1271g+Donald parakeetj+
  • a +, positive; −, negative. Results forC. pecorum VR 628 and VR 629 (from the American Type Culture Collection) were negative.

  • b ser., serovar.

  • c American Type Culture Collection.

  • d Provided by Margaret R. Hammerschlag (SUNY Health Science Center, Brooklyn, N.Y.).

  • e Provided by Carolyn M. Black (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Ga.).

  • f Provided by Jim T. Summersgill (University of Louisville, Louisville, Ky.).

  • g Provided by Jens Boman (University Hospital of Northern Sweden).

  • h Isolated in the Chlamydia Laboratory, The Johns Hopkins University.

  • i Provided by J. Storz (Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge).

  • j Provided by Trudy O. Messmer (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.