Table 2.

Frequency of inhibition in the COBAS AMPLICOR CT/NG test when assaying for C. trachomatis

SexSymptom categorySpecimen(s)% Inhibitory (no. inhibitory/total)No. of retest results
FemaleAsymptomaticEndocervical1.0 (11a/1,126)1b72
Urine3.7 (42/1,124)02814
SymptomaticEndocervical0.9 (10/1,169)036
Urine3.3 (38/1,166)02612
MaleAsymptomaticUrethral0.8 (6/723)024
Urine0.3 (2/723)011
SymptomaticUrethral1.9 (24a/1,296)2b714
Urine5.4 (70/1,291)8c35d27
All2.4 (203/8,618)1110980
  • a One inhibitory specimen that gave a result in the grey zone when retested was not included in the retest results.

  • b All were false-positive results.

  • c Seven were true-positive results, and one was a false-positive result.

  • d Thirty-four were true-negative results, and one was a false-negative result.