Table 2.

Simpson's index of diversity for the F. tularensis strains used in this study

MethodNo. of different typesNo. of strains belonging to the most numerous typeSimpson's index of diversity for:
Total strains (n = 40)Spanish strains (n = 35)
RAPD (M13 primer)4310.390.21
RAPD (T3-T7 primers)6220.650.65
REP-RAPD (M13 primer)6300.440.26
REP-RAPD (T3-T7 primers)8210.680.69
ERIC-RAPD (M13 primer)8200.700.60
ERIC-RAPD (T3-T7 primers)10110.830.83
RAPD (M13 primer)-RAPD (T3-T7 primers)8160.810.75
REP-ERIC-RAPD (M13 primer)8200.700.60
REP-ERIC-RAPD (T3-T7 primers)11110.840.85
REP-RAPD (M13 primer)-RAPD (T3-T7 primers)9160.810.75
ERIC-RAPD (M13 primer)-RAPD (T3-T7 primers)17100.900.87
REP-ERIC-RAPD (M13 primer)-RAPD (T3-T7 primers)17100.900.87