Table 3.

Quantitative culture results from 81 patients with mild typhoid fever

Specimen ( n = 81 unless otherwise stated)Count (CFU/ml)
Bone marrow (QBMC)91.0–850.1–1580
Blood (QBC)0.30.1–100.1–399
Lysed/nonlysed QBMC (n = 18)a3.31.2–5.60.1–120
Lysed/nonlysed QBC (n = 53)1.91.0–6.60.4–310
Lysed QBMC/lysed QBC (n = 17)363.7–1,3350.5–25,440
  • a An equal volume of sample was lysed with digitonin before culture. This was only possible if sufficient bone marrow aspirate was available.