Table 1.

Genotypic identification of clinical coryneform bacterial isolates compared with conventional phenotypic methods

OrganismGenus levelSpecies level
No. testedNo. matched (%)No. testedNo. matched (%)
Corynebacteriumspecies4242 (100.0)4227 (64.3)
C. diphtheriae44 (100.0)44 (100.0)
C. jeikeium88 (100.0)88 (100.0)
 Other3030 (100.0)3015 (50.0)b
Corynebacterium-related speciesa1010 (100.0)65 (83.3)
Total5252 (100.0)4832 (66.7)
  • a See text and reference8 for definition.

  • b Fifteen unmatched Corynebacteriumisolates. Eight phenotypically identified as C. amycolatumwere identified as C. xerosis by MicroSeq, 1 C. glucuronolyticum was identified as C. seminale, 1C. pseudodiphtheriticum isolate was identified as C. pseudotuberculosis, 1 C. minutissimum isolate was identified as C. xerosis, 1 C. afermentansisolate was identified as C. urealyticum, 1 CDC group G isolate was identified as C. tuberculostearicum, 1 C. striatum isolate was identified as C. minutissimum, and 1 C. imitans isolate was identified as C. xerosis.