Table 1.

Yersinia strains and VNTR marker classification

Strain(s)aGeographical originbBiovarcVNTR alleledAmplicon size (bp)No. of CAAA repeats
Harbin 35ManchuriaAH2468
Pestoides F and GFSUAD2304
Kim10 and variantKurdistanMK25811
Nicholisk 41ManchuriaMH2468
Pestoides A, B, C, D, Aa, and BbFSUMI2509
Pestoides JFSU?M26613
195/P and Indian isolateIndiaOK25811
Yp-111 and EV76-Lot 4MadagascarOK25811
Java 9IndonesiaOH2468
La Paz and replicateBoliviaOI2509
Russian vaccine?OK25811
538, 752, Alexander, Dobson, and ShastaUSOH2468
242 and A12USOI2509
CO92e, 564, 1171, South Park, and YrekaUSOJ25410
Y. pseudotuberculosis strain PB1/+USB2222
Y. enterocolitica strain WAUSNAf
  • a All strains are from the USAMRIID collection.

  • b DROC, Democratic Republic of the Congo; FSU, Former Soviet Union; US, United States.

  • c M, mediaevalis; O, orientalis; A, antiqua.

  • d Allele designations are based on the number of repeats: A, 1; B, 2; and so forth.

  • e Fourteen replicates of CO92 were analyzed, with identical results.

  • f NA, no amplification.