Table 1.

spa characteristics of 69 MRSA strains included in the study

spa groupNo. of isolatesNo. of 24-bp repeatsAmplicon size (bp)spapatternaLength of outbreak (wk)PFGE resultEpidemiologic relatedness
119370Z B C H R H C C HNAb Dissimilarc Unrelatedc
219370A A W H E H H J KNADissimilarUnrelated
369370A C W H E I E J K 1IndistinguishableRelated
429370M F M D D H E M E 7IndistinguishableRelated
528346Z K H R H P M E 3IndistinguishableRelated
628346M F M D H E M E 1IndistinguishableRelated
7110394A A C B H E I E J KNADissimilarUnrelated
8510394A A B W H E I E J K61IndistinguishableRelated
92010394E O H E H R H C H M107See Fig. 1 See Fig. 1
10111418A A C T W H E I E J KNADissimilarUnrelated
11111418E O H E H R H C H H MNADissimilarUnrelated
121511418B C M F M F K H I I I82IndistinguishableRelated
1313226C H MNADissimilarUnrelated
1415274D M C O ENADissimilarUnrelated
1576298E O H C H M60IndistinguishableRelated
1617322E H G C H MNADissimilarUnrelated
1717322E G H C H M MNADissimilarUnrelated
1817322B C D F K H INADissimilarUnrelated
  • a For alphanumeric spapatterns, see reference 5. A newly assigned code, W, which was identified in the present study, represents DNA sequence 5′-GAA GAC AAC AAA AAG CCT GGC AAA-3′.

  • b NA, not applicable.

  • c Compared to those in other groups.