Table 1.

Data for urine specimens collected and pooled for the detection of C. trachomatis in an asymptomatically infected male population

CharacteristicData for specimens that were:
Tested IndividuallyPooled
By 5By 10
No. of urine specimens650650650
No. of samples/pool510
No. of pools13065
No. of C. trachomatis-positive pools2523
No. ofC. trachomatis-positive samples262625
Sensitivity (%)10096.1
Specificity (%)100100
Prevalence (%)4.04.2a 4.3a
95% CI2.5–5.82.5–6.0
Cost savingsb for:
 Population-based prevalence determination (%)8090
 Individual case finding (%)60.554
  • a Estimated by p(1).

  • b Cost savings estimates are based on the reduced number of tests.