Table 1.

Characteristics of 65 B. cereus and B. thuringiensis isolates from dairies, periodontal infections, and other human infections and of three culture collection strains

ET(s)IsolateaMo isolatedSex of patientbAge (yr) of patientLocationcSourcedDiseaseeSerotypef
1AH 610 (80)N, PorsgrunnDairyH−
2, 3AH 605 (17)N, KongsbergDairyH3a3b3c
AH 613N, SortlandDairyNDg
4AH 614N, PorsgrunnDairyH−
5AH 612N, OrkdalDairyH34
6AH 407FDairyH34
7AH 406FDairyH−
8AH 403FDairyH3a3b3c
9AH 400FDairyAA
10AH 402FDairyH29
11AH 401FDairyH15
12AH 404FDairyH29
13AH 408FDairyAA
14AH 727N, SkienPusH37
15, 16AH 595 (1)N, GjøvikDairyND
AH 598 (4)N, GjøvikDairyH−
AH 599 (5)N, HamarDairyH−
17AH 606 (23)N, TynsetDairyH−
18AH 830October 1995F32N, OsloGRAPH54
19AH 833FDairyAA
20AH 730N, SkienUrineH−
21AH 728N, SkienUrineH−
AH 810February 1994F49N, TelemarkGingivaMPH−
ATCC 10987Reference strainAA
22, 23AH 820October 1995F76N, AkershusPPMPH22
AH 813September 1995F30B, CuritibaRCAPH22
AH 812 [OH 599]September 1995M48N, OsloRCAPH−
24, 25AH 816November 1995M35N, AkershusGRAPH22
AH 818September 1995F38B, CuritibaRCAPH22
AH 819 [OH 600]September 1995M48N, OsloPPMPH18
AH 826April 1996M55N, RogalandRCAPAA
AH 817November 1995F56N, AkershusCHLPH−
AH 823January 1996F78N, OsloPPMPH−
AH 827March 1996M82N, HedmarkPPMPH−
AH 828March 1996F60N, OsloPPMPH−
AH 829March 1996M30N, AkershusDAAPH−
AH 824February 1996F50N, AkershusPPMPH18
AH 825March 1996F69N, AkershusPPMPH18
AH 831April 1996F45N, OsloPPMPH18
ATCC 4342Reference strainH19
26AH 723N, SkienEyeH−
27AH 717N, SkienSkinH−
28AH 611 (87)N, OsloDairyH−
29AH 604 (11)N, OdalenDairyH−
30AH 607 (59)N, TynsetDairyH−
31AH 608 (61)N, TynsetDairyH−
32, 33AH 724, 726N, SkienUrineH13 (2)
34AH 722N, SkienUrineH27
35AH 719N, SkienCervixAA
36AH 720N, SkienBloodAA
37AH 729N, SkienWoundH−
38AH 721N, SkienUrineH18
39AH 815October 1995M47N, Møre og RomsdalPPMPH15
40AH 811August 1995M25B, Sao José dos PinhaisRCAPH23
41AH 718N, SkienNoseH27
AH 725N, SkienEyeH−
AH 814October 1995M63N, AkershusOCMPH27
42ATCC 14579T Type strainH6
43AH 609 (68)N, TynsetDairyH−
44AH 601 (8)N, TrysilDairyH6
45AH 600 (7)N, GjøvikDairyH6
46AH 405FDairyH5a5b
47AH 596 (2)N, GjøvikDairyH6
48AH 597 (3)N, OttaDairyH13
AH 602 (9)N, LillehammerDairyH13
AH 603 (10)N, GjøvikDairyH13
49AH 716N, SkienPusH27
  • a Numbers in parentheses are those used by Granum et al. (16); names in brackets are those used by Kotiranta et al. (24).

  • b F, female; M, male.

  • c N, Norway; F, Finland; B, Brazil.

  • d GR, granuloma; PP, periodontal pocket; RC, root canal; CH, cheek; DA, detoalveolar abscess; OC, oral cavity.

  • e AP, apical periodontitis; MP, marginal periodontitis; LP, lichen planus.

  • f H−, nontypeable; AA, autoagglutinable

  • g ND, not determined.