Table 1.

Aspergillus species PCR products

Aspergillussp.SourceSize (bp)a
A. flavusATCC 16883595
A. flavusClinical isolate595
A. fumigatusATCC 36607596
A. fumigatusClinical isolate598
A. nidulansATCC 10074565
A. nidulansClinical isolate569
A. nigerATCC 16888599
A. nigerClinical isolate599
A. terreusATCC 16792609
A. terreusClinical isolate613
A. ustusUAMH 9479570
A. ustusClinical isolateb570
  • a Includes the complete ITS 1–5.8S–ITS 2 regions and portions of the 18S (30 bp) and 28S (59 bp) rRNA genes.

  • b Deposited into the ATCC as ATCC 201953.