Annual cost of using CM or Fast-Track Diagnostics qPCR assay compared to routine culturea

CostRoutine cultureCMDifference from routine culture (%)qPCR assayDifference from routine culture (%)
Labor4.443.96↓0.48 (10.8)3.97↓0.47 (10.6)
Per test7.206.88↓0.32 (4.4)27.97↑20.7 (287.5)
Annual124,675.20119,134.08↓5,541.1 (4.4)484,328.52↑359,653.32 (287.5)
  • a All costs were calculated in Canadian dollars and are based on a total test volume of 1,443 vaginal-rectal samples per month according to the CLS workload in 2015. The cost per test of all methods includes an initial broth enrichment step.