Table 2.

Identification of five equivocally typed strains based on phenotypic, genotypic, and vibrational spectroscopic data

Strain no.Identification by:
APIFT-IR and Raman clusteringaMicroScanPCR16S RNA sequencing
2 E. hirae 6 E. durans b E. hirae
3 E. hirae 8 E. durans —  E. durans
6 E. durans 2 E. durans —  E. hirae
8 E. durans 3 E. durans —  E. durans
17 E. hirae 14 (E. gallinarum) E. durans E. gallinarum E. gallinarum
  • a Numbers indicate with which strain the indicated strain clustered.

  • b —, not identifiable by PCR.