Table 1.

Reagent dilutionsa used in the IgG ELISA

GenusViral antigen (strain)Dilution
AntigenPositive serum
Alphavirus Chikungunya (S27)1:5,1201:100
EEE (NJ/60)1:1,2801:400
Mayaro (D218)1:1601:3,200
Ross River (T48)1:1601:200
Sindbis (EgAr 339)1:401:100
VEE (TC-83)1:1201:400
WEE (Fleming)1:801:100
Flavivirus DEN2c (New Guinea C)1:2401:200
Japanese encephalitis (Nakayama)1:3201:400
MVE (Original)1:6401:400
Powassan (64-7483)1:401:1,600
SLE (TBH-28)1:3201:1,600
WN encephalitis (Eg 101)1:1001:1,200
Yellow fever (17D)1:2001:400
Bunyavirus California encephalitis (BFS 283)1:301:400
LAC (Original)1:201:400
Snowshoe hare (Original)1:401:400
Tahyna (Bardos 92)1:201:400
  • a The reagent dilutions pertain only to the specific lot numbers used in this study. New lots require titration to achieve optimum test performance.

  • b Everglades is a VEE virus, subtype 2.

  • c DEN2 viral antigen was used to represent all four DEN serotypes. The IgG ELISA is not specific enough to be able to differentiate between the serotypes.