Table 2.

Characterization of human S. aureuscollections from which binary types are used in this study

Collection no.Geographic originIsolate no.Description of collectionReference(s)
1United States41-66Community-acquired MRSA strains from a New York City hospital (n = 26)41
2United States (CDCb)67-80Selection of geographically diverse strains from multicenter collection of MRSA strains (n = 5) and MSSA strains (n = 9)38, 42
3The Netherlands81-85MSSA strains isolated from healthy persistent nasal carriers (n = 5)42
4The Netherlands86-95MRSA strains (n = 6) and MSSA strains (n = 4) from outbreaks in Dutch hospitals and nursing homes42
  • a Isolate numbers are as those used in Fig. 4.

  • b CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.